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Spousal Support

Military Spousal Support

Our Law firm  represents armed services members in issues dealing with Military Retirement Benefits, Disposable Retirement pay, 20/20/20 benefits and benefits to former unmarried spouses.

Typically, in California, we use calculations of both parties income as well as the length of marriage in determining how much spousal support will be allocated to the supporting party. A court hearing may be required to argue the facts and issues surrounding your military spousal support matter if the issue cannot be resolved equitably outside of court. Certain Military Acts relating to retirement and spousal support are important issues to be addressed for the paying spouse. You may not need to be present in court. depending on your case. Our attorney can appear in court.  In many cases, our clients are present via telephone at court hearings, with the representation of a 21 year lawyer- fighting for your rights!

We receive numerous calls from armed services members concerning the length of time they are required to pay spousal support and the specific laws surrounding Military Spousal Support. Our unique strategy in litigating spousal support cases is based on current case law. Is your ex-spouse skilled and able to return to the work force? Is he/she capable or qualified to be employed? Perhaps a vocational assessment is required to pave the road to lowering spousal support.

When facing a Military Spousal Support matter in Southern California, contact our law firm of  matrimonial attorneys ready to go to battle for you! There are unique and specific approaches in handling military spousal support cases. Contact us  for a consultation . We are here to serve you from 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday pacific time.

Call (951) 682-8200 to discuss you Military Spousal Support case.

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